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We buy back books based on national demand throughout the year.  This is called the "wholesale" price.  We purchase the books from you and, in turn, sell them to a used book wholesaler (at the same price paid to you) who can find another campus that is using the same book.

During the week of finals, we purchase books we need for the store.  If your book has been reordered by the instructor, is current, in good condition, and we do not already have what we expect to sell, we will purchase your book for up to 50% of the new price.

Workbooks and study guides that have answers written in them will not be bought back for resale. 

Course packs and College Printed materials are not bought back for resale as used. 

You can now go online and check to see if your books are being bought back by the "wholesale" company.  Just follow the link below.